India Tours

In 2015, Global Family Travels is pleased to offer three amazing tours in India, working to support communities in the regions of Ladakh and Hyderabad.  Please click on the links below for more information or contact us.

The GIFTS of India 2016 Tour

Little Tibet (Ladakh, India): Learn, Serve, Immerse

Illustrious India:  Journey from Bollywood to Wings School to Taj Mahal

Mystical Moments India Spiritual Tour


 Summary of India Tours:

Little Tibet (Ladakh, India): Learn, Serve, Immerse

Join Global Family Travels for a unique family learning experience and tour in India’s Ladakh region and experience some of India’s grandest wonders,  such as the Taj Mahal and New Delhi sites, along the way.  Once an independent Buddhist kingdom at the crossroads of vital trade routes between China and the Middle East , Ladakh, often called “Little Tibet” or “Land of the Broken Moon,”   is one of the last places in the world where the Buddhist way of life is unrepressed.  Its unique geographical location in one of the northernmost regions in India makes Ladakh rich with extraordinary trekking trails for all expertise levels (should you be interested in extending your stay with a trek, we can arrange that for you).

Highlights of this India tour include the opportunity to contribute meaningfully in the village of Stok by living, working and learning with a host Ladakhi family, and to participate in a village cleanup with the Amale Society, a group of dedicated women from the village of Stok who initiate and implement social, cultural and environmental events.  During the home-stay part of our tour, you and your family will become immersed in the Ladakhi communal culture and gain a deep understanding of the Buddhist culture and traditions of this stunning region.

Illustrious India:  Journey from Bollywood to Wings School to Taj Mahal

From Mumbai, to Hyderabad to New Delhi, this all-inclusive tour of India will allow you to experience the vibrant sights and sounds of Indian culture.  During this two week journey you and your family will visit exciting Bollywood, iconic Taj Mahal and the inspiring Wings School for Girls in Hyderabad.  You will be entertained by India’s rich myths and stories of the past and the booming film industry of the present.  Your hearts will be warmed by the young students at the Wings School for girls where we will spend two days volunteering our time.  All the while you will benefit from the insightful commentary and interpretation of our experienced local guides and rest easy in the knowledge that Global Family Travels is taking care of the details in partnership with Creative Journeys.

Mystical Moments India Spiritual Tour

India’s intermingling of its diverse culture and religion formulates its uniqueness and charming soul.  The country is the epicenter of many of the world’s religions, and Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism,  and Sikhism all call India their birthplace.   India, as a confluence of different religions has always attracted tourists and pilgrims from all over the world.  In this land of diversity, we take you on a journey to holy places, featuring historical monuments and beautiful temples, which portray India’s architectural legacy.

In addition to visiting some of the most spiritual places in India, Global Family Travels’  Mystical Moments India Spiritual Tour is a spiritual journey to undo the things blocking you from your True Self: Your spirit, divinely expressed.   Spiritual and personal self-exploration will unfold through a combination of group discussions, experiential travels, journaling, meditation and yoga.

As we awaken and nurture the divine feminine within, we will also expand our global family through a volunteer opportunity at an orphanage in Ladakh (Little Tibet) and the Siddhartha School Project.  Whether you are a mother in practice, or just in spirit, this tour will rejuvenate your soul and help reveal the essence of your divinity.