Global Family Travels is pleased to offer two Family tours to China :  China

Discover China – A Photo Tour
China – Learn-Serve-Immerse

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 Summary of Tours:


Discover China – A Photo Tour

China is a truly mouthwatering destination for any photographer. China’s cities are host to a colorful array of people and activity set against a back drop of sharp contrast where ancient streets and old traditions mix with modern skyscrapers and the latest technology. Despite the rapid pace of modernization throughout much of China, on this tour you will experience a land of ancient wonders as you walk along the famous Great Wall, explore remarkable archaeological sites, and visit remote villages where the old customs are still observed.  Throughout the journey we’ll be accompanied by an internationally renowned photography expert, Dan Sandoval, who is familiar with China and her photographic secrets. Dan will provide instructions and photographic tips to help you capture China’s beauty.

China: Learn-Serve-Immerse in 2016

This Global Family Travels’ tour emphasizes authentic cultural experience to give you a true taste of China. Besides visiting some of its best-loved destinations, such as the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors, you will also have the chance to immerse yourself in the local customs and culture of the Qiang minority people of Maoxian County and work with wildlife in a Sichuan panda sanctuary. Take an evening stroll down Jinli Street, learn Chinese handicrafts from a local artisan, work side-by-side with Chinese veterinarians in Bifengxia. Whether you find yourself drinking tea and playing Mahjong with the locals, joining in a morning Taiji practice, or making dumplings with a local family, this tour offers plenty of opportunities to “do as the locals do.”